How To Pick Your Lip Color Style For Spring

Spring season has arrived and some of you are wandering what is the right shade of lipstick you should ware as your personal style.

Here are some tips to choosing that right shade for you.

1. Pick a color that complements your eyes.

2. Pick shades that will blend with your skin tone ,and stay away from shades that make your skin look dull and contrast against your pigment.

3. When choosing your shade pick one that will fall in your color chart.Meaning are you a warm tone or cool tone.

Test the shades in the light with a sampler.

Keep in mind spring is about color and fun so be expressive and youthful no matter your age or skin tone.

Eye, Lips and Shoes

Hello Click, we are the ones for color and creative style so tell me how many of you match your shoes to your eyes and lips?

When you have a client do you often take notice of color hues that is resignating on there style. I will admit I do. Why do I and some people do this well its simple art and science to it. Certain colors can draw you in or away from a certain area. For instance if the face is not on point ,just up play the shoes, but keep the color in sync with the eyes and lips. To the human eye it will all come together with the right outfit.

Let your creativity in color flow today-Rebecca

Play Your Diva Card

I love art and fashion and I hope you enjoyed this style. Reach out o me by phone,email or social media if you want to book an appointment with me for the New Year.

I will shop with you for up to 4hrs a day or we can set an hourly appointment. If you need me for special events or for group styling sessions please indicate that in the contact form.

Gifts For The Teenage Girl In Your Life

Teenage girls love beautiful and feminine products, but just like every teenage girl, they hold their own personal style, beliefs and strengths. Shopping for a teenager can be difficult and stressful, but dont worry here are some gift ideas for the special teenager in your life.

Rebecca’s Advice

When picking out makeup keep in mind there skin tone and find out if there allergic anything.

FYI Daddies if you dont know what type of makeup she likes, just get a gift card .

Teen Girls love Embroidery

Find a really cute bag,stationery, or fun mug,water bottle ,or even dorm/room decals and decor and make it there own. Add special dates, quotes and messages to it. Not only is this cute, but its special too.

If you really want to wow your teen find out what her favorite band and or artists is and book concert tickets for her. Giving her and a best friend tickets, or you and her a concert outing will just truly be off the chain.

Merry Christmas To You All and Happy Shopping .

Girlfriend Gifts For The Stocking

Here Are Some Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend.

This Holiday Season Start Early For Your Gift Planning.

Try gathering her up some goodies for her stocking stuffers.

Yankee Candles

Get your bae a set of these,when her room smells with warm delight, she will think of you.


Perfume always makes for a good stalking stuffer. If you dont know what scent she likes then get her a gift card.


Buy or make A special necklace, if you must do jewelry than make it a special one with true sentiments.

Dark Fashion

Here are some Dark Fashion Styles For Halloween

Dark fashion can be incorporated into your daily life, we in the fashion world call it gothic, dark rock, and dark punk styles. Dark retro can fall into this category as well. Halloween does not have to be the only season to wear this style of fashion.

Dark Punk

Halloween Makeup

Dark Glam For A Dark Ball

September Beauty Tips

September the last days of summer and the first days of fall.

September is the ninth month of the year in the modern day Gregorian calendar and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. The month kept its original name from the Roman calendar in which septem means “seven” in Latin marking it as the seventh month.



September Beauty Tips

Before picking out products figure out your skin type. Not only do you need to have the right skin care products for your skin type, you also need to figure out if you are dealing with any other skin care issues that need fixing such as acne or dark spots and take in considerations that you may be allergic to certain chemicals and brands.

When it comes to skincare basics, everyone needs a quality facial cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, and sunscreen, this goes for all ages and skin types.

If you want great results try to stick with a daily skin routine. Wash your face daily. If you have oily or combination skin type I  recommend that you find products with a gel based or foaming cleanser.

For people with normal or dry skin, I  recommend a cream based cleanser.




Work On Your Skin Tone

Toners are optional, but many find they improve skin tone. Toners are great for very oily skin since they can sop up excess oil from the skin. There are toners that can add moisture back into the skin which is great for very dry skin.