Beginning Of Style

The beginning of style is born with us,yes it really is. The development of our style is a life process, because style just like us will evolve and then eventually change with our age, maturity and life.

How do you create your style? This answer is deeper than clothes,oh yes your answer is mental, physical and spiritual. What is connected to your spirit and soul? These answers reflect your style. What is your atmosphere like,your community,your social life?? This will impact the style you develop.

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Festive February

Some people have snow ,sickness and stress all around them,but today in this month of February we are going to do our best to be festive.

Get in your closet and head and plan for a festive safe activity in your home or community. Get in your back yard if you need to .

How to plan for a festive day-by Rebecca

#1 Invite your friends and family over if it is safe,or gather them online. Invite your pets ,lets be creative.

#2 Prepare or order safe festive food.

3. Get some music going,move that body. Even online.

You can dance with your pets,or friends,or even by yourself. Just be safe.

2020 Pop songs

Make sure you move furniture out of the way.

2020 Best Club Mix

Enjoy yourself let your freak flag fly. Try saying Freak Flag Fly really fast 4times. LMAO!

Latin Festive Music

It is your living room,bedroom,backyard…let loose and go for it.

Now just take it all in ,eat drink and be merry on this festive day. Love you all.

Night In Activity- Movie Night

Snack Ideas For Movie Night

1. Fresh Fruit

When it comes to enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits while managing your health and figure fruit can help satisfy a “sweet tooth” naturally while providing plenty of satiating fiber.

However, the source also reminds us that fruit contains carbohydrates so if you or any of your pals are diabetics you need to be mindful of serving sizes, and pair their favorite fruit with some lean protein (i.e., nuts, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt). Making them into smoothies is always a fun ,cheap and easy treat.

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When He Asks You Out ,Halloween Date Style

When He Asks You Out ,Halloween Date Style

Written by Rebecca Davis 9/29/18

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats,but lust and romance can also bloom under the full moon. It’s the day before Halloween and you are walking in the moon light after midnight ,and a handsome ,mysterious stranger greets you on the dark paven path.

Your eyes meet ,and his beautiful succulent lips say would you like to attend The Black Halloween Ball? In the beautiful ray’s of the moon ,you say “YES “! And he says I will pick you up when the sunsets, and where a mask. He disappears in the shadows of the moon cloud,but he leaves his scent. A sweet smell of masculinity.

Now that you have this date what are you going to wear?

Halloween Date Style


Gothic Waltz Music

Dark Makeup

Written by



Waltz with swift dark wind at your feet, Waltz to the music of your heart beat.Waltz with his energy flowing through your hand ,Waltz because at midnight it will be your last dance.

Dark Fashion

Here are some Dark Fashion Styles For Halloween

Dark fashion can be incorporated into your daily life, we in the fashion world call it gothic, dark rock, and dark punk styles. Dark retro can fall into this category as well. Halloween does not have to be the only season to wear this style of fashion.

Dark Punk

Halloween Makeup

Dark Glam For A Dark Ball

Passions Tv Soap-RememberingPast Soap Operas

Written By Rebecca Davis August 8,2018

Passions Tv Soap-RememberingPast Soap Operas




Hello, Myshoppingclick do you remember Passions TV Soap. It aired from  July 5, 1999- August 7,2008  Well, it was my favorite soap and I watched it from the beginning to the end. I just wanted to reminisce on some of my favorite characters.

 I miss Passions, Do You?

I would love for it to have a reboot with the children of Passion, Like Andora, Little Ethan, Mariah and so on, But I want to see my old favorites to Like Ethan and Theresa, Ivy, Kay Sam. I want Passions Back

The Setting takes place in, I believe a New England town called Harmony. It is painted as a great divide in social status, money, and your family name. The town is mostly run by the Cranes. Harmony is a picturesque small town to the outside eye, but deep in its core, there is jealousy, love lust, greed and of course passion.  Things may look peaceful and normal in Harmony, but that couldn’t be further from the case. “Passions” explores the lives, loves and losses of four families who reside in Harmony: The Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennett’s and the Russells.

Some Facts about Passions

First episode date: July 5, 1999

Final episode date: August 7, 2008

Original network: NBC (1999–2007); The 101 Network (2007–2008)

Theme song: Breathe


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listen +  Breathe -Passions Theme

My Favorite TV Characters

Lindsay Hartley Lindsay Hartley lindsay-hartley1

She is known for her roles as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald /Crane Winthrop on Passions. She also played Cara Castillo on All My Children and Arianna Hernandez on Days of Our Lives.

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FYI- She Married the Character Fox aka Justin Hartley  2004-2012 lindseyjust


Brook Kerr 17 Again Premiere

Whitney Russell. Whitney Harris-Crane (née Russell) is a fictional character on the NBC/DirecTV soap opera Passions
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Whitney and Theresa



MV5BNzk5ODQxNDY3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjMwNTk2OTE@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_justin Justin Hartley aka he introduced us to Fox Crane

Justin Scott Hartley is an American actor. He is known for his television roles that include Fox Crane on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions.


Passions Tv Soap

Remembering Past Soap Operas


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Gwen and Theresa ShowDown



Josh Ryan Evans,

Josh Ryan Evans, whose character was sometimes known as  “Martimmy”-  played Timmy the smart, loving living-doll on  NBC’s daytime soap Passions. Plagued by health problems throughout his 20 years, the 3-foot-2-inch actor had died of a congenital heart condition on  August 5, 2002,  in San Diego, CA.

We Love Him and We Miss Him!














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A list of Characters