Make Your Prom Dreams Come True

Prom is such a fun and special occasion and its a night when all if your dreams come true.

Tips To Having A Special Prom Night By Rebecca Davis.

The first thing you should do is save up and make a budget . Prom can sometimes be costly.

Second, arrange for your stylist,hair dresser and nail appointments a head of time and get a back up plan incase they are running late.

Third ,Diet and exercise,its best to do it so you can fit into that perfect dress and so that you can be in good physical health to have fun.

Fourth plan a Pre Prom Party or After Party with friends,its the last prom for some of you and the last time you will see each other so have fun.

Fifth if you and a date plan on eating out ,get reservations trust me its worth it.

Sixth don’t waite to the last minute to get prom clothes and shoes and etc… Pre plan it so there will be no rush.

Last take tons of photos and enjoy your self ,its PROM!

Prom Is Approaching ,3 Ways To Get Ready.

Are you thinking about Prom? I know its about 3months away but its okay to start prepping for it.

3 Ways To Get Prom Ready .

#1 Decide who you want to go with, are you going with friends ,a special date or solo.

#2 Pick some dress ideas and start saving up. Get an extra job ,penny pinch for that perfect dress.

#3 Diet ,Yes I said the D word . Don’t miss your perfect dress because its too small. Start exercising and eating healthy.