Listen to “Turn Da Beat Up!” on YouTube-Covid Mood Play list and Tips

Watch “Turn Da Beat Up!” on YouTube

Uggggg another 30 days in,I hope you all are safe. I know many are suffering .Hang in there and pray. Here is some music to lighten up the mood.Try to have some fun okay.

Just because your in most of the day its not an excuse to gorge on junk food ,eat some fruit or snack on popcorn.

Here is a tip to keep you busy organize your closet too keep your mind off of your worries. Clean up and organize,its a way to release stress

Night In Activity- Movie Night

Snack Ideas For Movie Night

1. Fresh Fruit

When it comes to enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits while managing your health and figure fruit can help satisfy a “sweet tooth” naturally while providing plenty of satiating fiber.

However, the source also reminds us that fruit contains carbohydrates so if you or any of your pals are diabetics you need to be mindful of serving sizes, and pair their favorite fruit with some lean protein (i.e., nuts, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt). Making them into smoothies is always a fun ,cheap and easy treat.

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The Security Guard Got Me

Florals For Friday

Make Friday Full Of Fun And Florals

A brilliant mind should never let its ideas go un noticed and un heard. While you have time off work on your ideas and creativity.

Floral arrangements are great for all occasions. They are symbolic on special occasions,but surprise family and friends with arrangements from time to time.

FYI: Having beautiful bright colored flowers increase your mood to be more positive and it invites, warmth and joy into your environment.