Summer Fun Swim Suits

It is summer have fun at the beach or just be pumped at the pool.

Watch out for the seagulls at the beach,they are cute but they can also be vicious

Don’t forget to grab your cute shades ,you don’t want sand and the sun in your eyes.

Swim styles are about being confident and comfortable. Wear what you feel like. Don’t be comparing your self to others.

Its the summer where covid restrictions are lifted. So please be safe and have lots of fun for me this summer.

We are so anxious for the sun since we have been cooped up for a year,but don’t forget your sunblock.

Make this summer count,take cool goofy pictures and post them all over social media. Tag me in them.

Vintage dots are always so cute.

Cool Shades

Hey Click summer is in full swing and so is shade style.

Shades are the eyes expression to summer style. You can use them to show off your personality .

You have to admit our pets can be cooler than us in shades,am I right?

Pick shades for there tent usage and protection. You don’t want too dark of a tent while driving at night,or while you are inside.

Shades are an accessory that does not have to be worn only during the summer. You can rock them during cool autumn seasons and the winter.

Shades can be cool on the street and the beach.

Shades can be street cool and city trending,just make sure they are framed to your face well .

I love shades for all social settings.

I hope you got your shades on.

Green Mood

Add green to your color scheme with other patterns and colors. Green is very inviting when blended into the right colors

Stripes of green pattern is all you need to jazz up shoes and prints

Green mood can be sexy and sophisticated all year round.

Share in the green mood today.

Green is fun and it can really be a positive color on your mood and personality.

Monday Take Off

Welcome to Manifest Monday

Monday is the beginning of a brand new week,so what do you want to manifest for this week and today. It is all apart of your mindfulness attitude on how you want your week to be.

So repeat this 3 times.

Monday is for positive manifestation.

Monday is for positive manifestation.

Monday is for positive manifestation.

I pray that this day sets off all positive beggings in your life.

Saturday Has Arrived

“Spiritual eyes ” is an image we can use to capture our original rational nature. We are not to look at life with eyeballs only.Spiritual vision is to see the world with the heart of God and with the value of life’s blessings. Look at our relationships,our life situations and circumstances with spiritual eyes.

Corinthians 10:3-7 God designed us to be imaginative,HE wants us to use our imaginations.

Lets pick out a style with imaginative vibes ,and lets hang out with the people we love today.

May God bless you all.

Wedding Hat And No Veil

New fashion trends happen all the time,and wedding fashion is not excused from it.

Some brides have decided not to wear the traditional veil in there weddings,this is not uncommon,but the new wedding trend is the Bridal Hat.

Bridal Hat Trends

Wearing A Hat On Your Wedding Day Tips

When you want to wear a hat on your wedding day hear are some tips to follow.

1. Invision your dress style and hat style for a wedding theme ,that theme needs to match up with your wedding venue and bridal colors.

The theme can play out with your hat, such as color,charms and flowers on your hat.

2. Look at the material on your dress,is it satin,lace,velvet etc… This will determine the style of hat you can wear.

3. Place the style hat on your head months before you go threw with this plan,hats are not for everyone’s face.

4. Take in to heart the season in which you want to marry in, for instance March and April in the south can be windy.

5. Will you be indoor or outdoors?

6. Check with the groom,he might not like it. It is his day too.

7. Its okay to have fun at your wedding if this is the route you want to go. Pirate hat anyone,I am just suggesting this because some people may want a cartoonish or cosplay event at there wedding.

8. Bling out your hat with pearls, rubies and fashionable bling that will accomadate your look.

9. Take your age into play when buying a hat.

10. Budget your hat. I have heard of wedding hats at the price of $5,000 for custom designs. But this is not always the case.