Passions Tv Soap-RememberingPast Soap Operas

Written By Rebecca Davis August 8,2018

Passions Tv Soap-RememberingPast Soap Operas




Hello, Myshoppingclick do you remember Passions TV Soap. It aired from  July 5, 1999- August 7,2008  Well, it was my favorite soap and I watched it from the beginning to the end. I just wanted to reminisce on some of my favorite characters.

 I miss Passions, Do You?

I would love for it to have a reboot with the children of Passion, Like Andora, Little Ethan, Mariah and so on, But I want to see my old favorites to Like Ethan and Theresa, Ivy, Kay Sam. I want Passions Back

The Setting takes place in, I believe a New England town called Harmony. It is painted as a great divide in social status, money, and your family name. The town is mostly run by the Cranes. Harmony is a picturesque small town to the outside eye, but deep in its core, there is jealousy, love lust, greed and of course passion.  Things may look peaceful and normal in Harmony, but that couldn’t be further from the case. “Passions” explores the lives, loves and losses of four families who reside in Harmony: The Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennett’s and the Russells.

Some Facts about Passions

First episode date: July 5, 1999

Final episode date: August 7, 2008

Original network: NBC (1999–2007); The 101 Network (2007–2008)

Theme song: Breathe


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listen +  Breathe -Passions Theme

My Favorite TV Characters

Lindsay Hartley Lindsay Hartley lindsay-hartley1

She is known for her roles as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald /Crane Winthrop on Passions. She also played Cara Castillo on All My Children and Arianna Hernandez on Days of Our Lives.

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FYI- She Married the Character Fox aka Justin Hartley  2004-2012 lindseyjust


Brook Kerr 17 Again Premiere

Whitney Russell. Whitney Harris-Crane (née Russell) is a fictional character on the NBC/DirecTV soap opera Passions
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Whitney and Theresa



MV5BNzk5ODQxNDY3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjMwNTk2OTE@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_justin Justin Hartley aka he introduced us to Fox Crane

Justin Scott Hartley is an American actor. He is known for his television roles that include Fox Crane on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions.


Passions Tv Soap

Remembering Past Soap Operas


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Gwen and Theresa ShowDown



Josh Ryan Evans,

Josh Ryan Evans, whose character was sometimes known as  “Martimmy”-  played Timmy the smart, loving living-doll on  NBC’s daytime soap Passions. Plagued by health problems throughout his 20 years, the 3-foot-2-inch actor had died of a congenital heart condition on  August 5, 2002,  in San Diego, CA.

We Love Him and We Miss Him!














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A list of Characters  



Written By Rebecca Davis 7/25/18


I do fashion because of its ability to allow me to express myself and escape into fantasy fashion and it is alot of fun to write about. Fashion is a constant presence in our everyday life, it sometimes can be an escape, a form of expression and it allows us to show our personalities and creativity on the outside. Fashion is beautiful ,it can be persoanl or public.

Fashion can be a positive statement to someone or it can be provocative and it can be freeing. I do fashion because its a part of me and I am a part of it, we are all fashion . It is a daily task of choosing what clothing to put on your body for the day, and it is not only used to protect modesty, but it is used for self-expression. This is why I do fashion.

Why Do You Do Fashion?

That First Interview Style,With Tips From Rebecca

Written 7/24/18 by Rebecca Davis

Interviews can be stressful for the interviewer and the interviewees. When you are prepared and you look and feel at your best those nerves seem to dissipate a little.

Rebecca’s Interview Tips:

1. Get lots of sleep, you don’t want to be cranky and yawning during your interview.

2. Research your location, even if it means driving to it the day before.

3. Know who you are interviewing with. That means research your position, Salary, and the company.

If you are doing the interview, do the same thing.

Don’t be hungry, Literally eat something, drink something at least 40 min to an hour before the interview. Why do you ask?

  1. You don’t want food odor on your clothes or your breath.
  2. You don’t want to have food stuck in your teeth, or your teeth stained up.
  3. You don’t want unwanted gas, like burping and farting.
  4. You don’t want to have the drama of food poisoning and the chances of an upset stomach occurring.
  5. Being on an empty stomach can increase chances of memory loss, having hallucinations, and even fainting spells occurring.
  6. You don’t want that tummy rumbling and gurgling sound to distract from the interview.
  7. You need the energy to be healthy and alert, so eat something healthy.
  8. If you are going to an interview and they have food or snacks available, you don’t want to look like a pig eating and drinking up the buffet.
  9. You want to eat ahead of time so you don’t get nervous and purge it up. Allow your food to digest in your system properly.
  10. You want to have eaten ahead of time so you won’t be sticky and have crumbs all over you.

Be on time. You need to show up for your interview at least 15 minutes early.

Here is an example scenario, your interview is at 11:00am you stay 30 min away. My advice to you is you will need to leave your home at 10am – Why? Because of traffic, finding a parking spot and maybe your car won’t start, you might run into an accident down the road. If it’s an important interview be prepared and be early.





Rebecca’s Work Style









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Hair Styles For The Summer

Fun Hair Styles For The Summer

By Rebecca Davis

When choosing a hair style you should be creative and unique. There are so many different types of hair styles to choose from. Just remember to choose a style that fits your lifestyle, budget, and personality. Hair or No hair should be fun.

Ponytail Styles

A great ponytail can be fun,elegant and professional looking depending upon your style.

The Summer Ponytail never goes out of style.

Straight Hair

Straight Hair Styles For The Summer

Straight Hair is fun and it can be flirty with the right styling. The latest straight hair trends have been the ones with colored hair.Ombre is very popular.

A little bounce in your hair for summer is always nice and cool.Here are some trendy pictures to give you an idea of what some girls are doing in there styles.

There is nothing wrong with a little short hair for the summer. Short hair styles can sometimes be more manageable for others.Just remember to pick a short hair style that goes with your face shape.

Just because we are in the milinals that doesn’t mean we can’t try throwback hairstyles.

Rebecca’s Special Tip: It will depend on the shape and age of a girls face if she is able to pull off a vintage hairstyle. Some vintage looks can age you ,instead of it being retro it will just be a fashion miss,everyone wants to avoid that. But don’t be afraid to explore your vintage style.

Avon Hair Products

New Job New Style

By Rebecca Davis

Myshoppingclick Owner

It’s a lot of pressure when you are trying to fit in for that new job position .Its even harder when you are on a budget ,or maybe you just graduated Highschool /College or your transitioning into a new career, what ever it may be our image can play a part on how we are perceived by others.

Rebecca’s Tips

1. What image do you want to project to others.

Our work style can influence the perception we project to others. If you work in a formal or corporate job setting you want to look the part. You don’t want to look like the secretary when your the manager. When shopping for work attire,one should keep that in mind.

2. Know your role.

Ask yourself ,What role do you play in your career? For instance are you the Human resource manager, Finance advisor, Receptionist or are you the Communication translator. Your look should define your role ,company image,and business environment.

What is your position, status in your job/career? Do you blend in or do you stand out.

3. How does your job impact your lifestyle. Part2What is your life schedule like.

I want you to think about these two subjects because if your a busy person ,most likely your not going to want to focus on yourself .This is true for a lot of single parents. Your work wardrobe should accommodate your lifestyle. Are you a disruption in your industry, are you breaking new strides and setting new standards.

4 What is your budget?

Budgeting on your wardrobe is a must. There are some occasions when you need to invest a little more financially on your work clothes. For instance an intern at the United Nations may want to invest in an expensive worksuit versus an intern as a College Professor. Both important roles but two different environments and level of importance. These should be some factors when your picking out your wardrobe.

5.Know your body types and size.

When entering your new work environment make sure have a wardrobe that compliments your shape and height. Standing out is good, when it’s positive. Don’t be the one who is in the slutty secretary outfit,or Mrs.Roley Poley because your shirts are too tight. You want to have the correct and tailored fit of clothing when you start out in a new work environment. Don’t be lazy Don’t look lazy. Same applies for your hair and makeup.

6.What is your age and does your wardrobe fit the years?

Choosing a work style can be really difficult when you worked when you where 20 and now the kids are grown up and you have decided to re enter the workforce at 45. This is just an example but it’s the truth sometimes.

Work environments are changing even for me when I was 20 and now 29 having tattoos and colored hair was a no no in the workforce, but now colored hair is trendy and fabulous and expressing your style like Effey from the hunger games is okay. Just make sure your attire is appropriate.

You don’t want to be 50 and look like a 12 year old. You don’t want to be 50 and still look like a wrinkled 21 year old. Dress appropriately.

Keep your clothes updated ,don’t where that old corporate jacket you had for the last 10 years, it’s a new dawn and a new day. So update your style and upgrade your lifestyle.

New Job New Style

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