New Job New Style

By Rebecca Davis

Myshoppingclick Owner

It’s a lot of pressure when you are trying to fit in for that new job position .Its even harder when you are on a budget ,or maybe you just graduated Highschool /College or your transitioning into a new career, what ever it may be our image can play a part on how we are perceived by others.

Rebecca’s Tips

1. What image do you want to project to others.

Our work style can influence the perception we project to others. If you work in a formal or corporate job setting you want to look the part. You don’t want to look like the secretary when your the manager. When shopping for work attire,one should keep that in mind.

2. Know your role.

Ask yourself ,What role do you play in your career? For instance are you the Human resource manager, Finance advisor, Receptionist or are you the Communication translator. Your look should define your role ,company image,and business environment.

What is your position, status in your job/career? Do you blend in or do you stand out.

3. How does your job impact your lifestyle. Part2What is your life schedule like.

I want you to think about these two subjects because if your a busy person ,most likely your not going to want to focus on yourself .This is true for a lot of single parents. Your work wardrobe should accommodate your lifestyle. Are you a disruption in your industry, are you breaking new strides and setting new standards.

4 What is your budget?

Budgeting on your wardrobe is a must. There are some occasions when you need to invest a little more financially on your work clothes. For instance an intern at the United Nations may want to invest in an expensive worksuit versus an intern as a College Professor. Both important roles but two different environments and level of importance. These should be some factors when your picking out your wardrobe.

5.Know your body types and size.

When entering your new work environment make sure have a wardrobe that compliments your shape and height. Standing out is good, when it’s positive. Don’t be the one who is in the slutty secretary outfit,or Mrs.Roley Poley because your shirts are too tight. You want to have the correct and tailored fit of clothing when you start out in a new work environment. Don’t be lazy Don’t look lazy. Same applies for your hair and makeup.

6.What is your age and does your wardrobe fit the years?

Choosing a work style can be really difficult when you worked when you where 20 and now the kids are grown up and you have decided to re enter the workforce at 45. This is just an example but it’s the truth sometimes.

Work environments are changing even for me when I was 20 and now 29 having tattoos and colored hair was a no no in the workforce, but now colored hair is trendy and fabulous and expressing your style like Effey from the hunger games is okay. Just make sure your attire is appropriate.

You don’t want to be 50 and look like a 12 year old. You don’t want to be 50 and still look like a wrinkled 21 year old. Dress appropriately.

Keep your clothes updated ,don’t where that old corporate jacket you had for the last 10 years, it’s a new dawn and a new day. So update your style and upgrade your lifestyle.

New Job New Style

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