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My 2020 Theme

Little Red Corvette

A Girl and Her Corvette

Corvette style is fun,sexy and flashy. Every girl has the dream of driving and owning one. So let your fantasy play out in your creative wardrobe. Style yourself like a fast fire red corvette. A girl has to have some fun.

Street Race Style


SEXY AND FAST ,Great for a date.

Own your creativity and have fun.

Happy 19th Of June

Happy 19th Of June

The 19th of June is a holiday that many people celebrate because it is the last day of slavery for blacks in America. Mostly recognized in the southern states.

Happy 19th Of June

Freedom is a right for all,its apart of our natural humanity on this earth. We must remind and educate many of this right. If we don’t we get the crap we see today.

Diversity is a beautiful thing and we all should be apart of it.


Fake Job Scams On The Rise,Taking Advantage Of Those In Need.

We’ve compiled a list of websites that appear to be part of this scam system,they take youre infornmaton missuse it and sell it. Don’t give them any of your personal information,they are SCAMS!

  • amazonresource.org
  • earnwithamazon.org
  • laptopcareers.org
  • retailrecruit.org
  • amazonrecruiter.org
  • amazonhiring.org
  • amazonfromhome.org
  • retailriches.org
  • amazonriches.org
  • amazonrich.org
  • dataentrywork.org
  • webstorejobs.org
  • retailincome.org
  • dataentrywork.org
  • goretail.org
  • amazongigs.org
  • storejobs.org
  • internetcareer.org
  • retailpay.org
  • amazonwork.org
  • amazonprofits.co
  • amazonprofits.org
  • stockretail.org
  • amazoncash.co
  • amazoncash.org
  • amazonwealth.org
  • amazoncareers.co
  • amazonmoney.co

Fake Amazon jobs site

It’s the same scam, but Amazon’s logo has been replaced with news clips from reputable organizations.

Be Aware Of Them!