Sexy Looks Of Orange For A Date

Orange Color

Orange is a color that many forget to try on for a first date during the summer. Summer orange is refreshing,warm and inviting.

Have fun on your dates ,don’t rush things and take the time to be genuine. Get to know one another ,don’t disrespect each other show kindness and who you really are. No one wants to meet Fake Frank or Fake Francine.

I wish you all the best in your dating life may true love come to you all.

Written by Rebecca Davis

Weddings in May

May weddings are always sweet to plan. The timing is usually great due to the weather, not to hot and not to cool. The season tends to bring out the best flowers. My only advice to brides is beware of the venue bookings,when booking for May weddings remember this is a busy month due to Mothers Day, Graduation, Birthdays and events. And when gathering out doors don’t forget about allergy season.