Baby Shower Party and Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby Shower Party can be lots of fun and I hope you enjoy my shower list.

Cool baby gifts

1.Engraved blankets and items with the babies names on them.

2.Gift Cards ,these really do come in handy

3. Legacy items ,yes legacy items like a plot in Ireland . It’s different and unique. Or a tree dedicated to them in a forest or a village well. It would have a unique story behind it when they are older

4. Baby Furniture for example a desk for when they are older or a bouncer chair for when Mom and Dad need a break.

5. Books just your plain nursery books,but you can have them engraved to be more personal.

Prom in Cream

Prom is the season for that last formal dance with all of your friends. Have the time of your life and be safe and kind to everyone around you

Don’t go broke looking for an expensive dress. Make your own gown,rent one or borrow a dress.

Enjoy your life ,be young and party hard

Take lots of pictures for those great memories and just go Ape on the dance floor for me

Wedding Style Board For The Spring Brides

Peach and silver outdoor wedding Style

Spring Weddings are my favorite When it comes to color choices,and my advice today for spring wedding planner s and brides is don’t be afraid of color patterns that are unique and bold,like Peach and silver 👀.

Yes try a peach 🍑 and silver pattern,even the deco will surprise you. Try it out with a style board first and take it from there.

Try adding unique foods for your menu,the guest will love it.

Brides and Nature

Are you a bride who loves nature?

Do you want to be a nature lover on your wedding day? Well so do other nature loving brides.Here are a few simple tips on how to use nature as a part of your wedding

Nature can be beautiful and unique for photos and precious memories. But nature can be costly in some ways and cheap in many other ways. As a wedding consultant I am here to give you a balance of how to stay on budget.

When wanting to have a nature incorporated wedding,consider the location and season first.

Find the location that will fit your theme and style of your wedding plans. Like if you want a tuxedo and glam outdoor wedding certain beach and wooded locations will not work. You can still be glammed out outdoors,but you must utilize certain portable floors and tents. You don’t want to mess up your guest shoes or have them trip on rocks,pinecones and into rabbit holes right. So think about the location. What is around the location, houses,mountains and rocks. What animals are near you,like are there possible bears near by . Keep in mind you might want food ,drinks, and decor. Will this be possible in the area.

Will there be access to power grids,will generators be needed ,and How many.