Watch “Ginger Snaps – Full Movie” on YouTube

It is movie night for the girls

I found this on youtube so I hope its of great quality,if it is not I am sorry

Call your pals over and watch this amazing movie. This is one from my teen year favorites. I love it ,and I hope you love it too. Grab the popcorn and drinks and how about for snacks lets do fajita wraps.

Its really simple just cook your fajitas steak or chicken and grab a package of wraps warm them in the oven for a few minutes and you can serve it with salsa or spanish sauce,rice and beans,sour cream ,avacodo ,cheese what ever you like. Its filling and yummy.

For drinks cola,tea or margaritas. It is your choice.

Date Night Saturday In Autumn

Autumn Dates

What is so special about autumn dates,well maybe its the beautiful air and romantic nights. If you meet someone in autumn your relationship has a 85% success rate than other seasons.

What are some cool and romantic things to do in autumn.

1.Roof top picnics.

Roof top picnics are fun,creative and when you are in the city it is a chance to see the stars and the city. You are really on top of the world.

2. Walks in the park never get old.

Walking threw quiet and secluded places never get old with the beautiful leaf’s, squirls and mother natures ever changing creations.

3. Backyard cuddling

You can be as creative as you want,add a fire pit,romantic music and amazing snacks and let your fall romantic side out.


Heading to the city,give them a view they won’t forget in your style.

What are fun things to do in a city,even with a pandemic.

1. Outdoor and Roof top clubbing.

The outdoor club scene has popped off, and it is not going anywhere soon.

2. Outdoor concerts

Take the hint of outdoor

3. Food Truck chasing and hopping

Yes ,with the help of social media food truck chasing/hopping is a new favorite fun activity in the city life.