That First Interview Style,With Tips From Rebecca

Written 7/24/18 by Rebecca Davis

Interviews can be stressful for the interviewer and the interviewees. When you are prepared and you look and feel at your best those nerves seem to dissipate a little.

Rebecca’s Interview Tips:

1. Get lots of sleep, you don’t want to be cranky and yawning during your interview.

2. Research your location, even if it means driving to it the day before.

3. Know who you are interviewing with. That means research your position, Salary, and the company.

If you are doing the interview, do the same thing.

Don’t be hungry, Literally eat something, drink something at least 40 min to an hour before the interview. Why do you ask?

  1. You don’t want food odor on your clothes or your breath.
  2. You don’t want to have food stuck in your teeth, or your teeth stained up.
  3. You don’t want unwanted gas, like burping and farting.
  4. You don’t want to have the drama of food poisoning and the chances of an upset stomach occurring.
  5. Being on an empty stomach can increase chances of memory loss, having hallucinations, and even fainting spells occurring.
  6. You don’t want that tummy rumbling and gurgling sound to distract from the interview.
  7. You need the energy to be healthy and alert, so eat something healthy.
  8. If you are going to an interview and they have food or snacks available, you don’t want to look like a pig eating and drinking up the buffet.
  9. You want to eat ahead of time so you don’t get nervous and purge it up. Allow your food to digest in your system properly.
  10. You want to have eaten ahead of time so you won’t be sticky and have crumbs all over you.

Be on time. You need to show up for your interview at least 15 minutes early.

Here is an example scenario, your interview is at 11:00am you stay 30 min away. My advice to you is you will need to leave your home at 10am – Why? Because of traffic, finding a parking spot and maybe your car won’t start, you might run into an accident down the road. If it’s an important interview be prepared and be early.





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