Night In Activity- Movie Night

Snack Ideas For Movie Night

1. Fresh Fruit

When it comes to enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits while managing your health and figure fruit can help satisfy a “sweet tooth” naturally while providing plenty of satiating fiber.

However, the source also reminds us that fruit contains carbohydrates so if you or any of your pals are diabetics you need to be mindful of serving sizes, and pair their favorite fruit with some lean protein (i.e., nuts, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt). Making them into smoothies is always a fun ,cheap and easy treat.

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Gretchen Wiener Style-Mean Girls

This week we Are Celebrating Mean Girls Fashion 

Mean Girls Quotes

Gretchen Wieners: I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me. …

This Week The MyShopping Click is celebrating the style of Mean Girls. Lets Meet Gretchen Wieners


Gretchen Wieners. Gretchen Wieners is one of the main characters in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Lacey Chabert. Gretchen is a member of the Plastics.

Mean Girl Gretchen Image







Mean Girls -Fetch


This Week On Celebrating Vampire Style, Let’s Meet Alice

This week we are Celebrating Vampire Style and today we meet the style of a vampire who is witty, and a lady always and she takes her fashion style very seriously.It helps that she can see the future of fashion trends coming and going too. I think this gift is grateful and handy when shopping, you can see all the sales coming. Vintage, modern and classy chic is her closet always. Designer threads she knows. Let’s meet Alice Cullen from the movie and book Twilight, the light-hearted vampire who you would love as a friend. She has the gift of foresight” seeing the future “.

Alice of the Cullen Clan

Alice is the only one who can pull off a short haircut.

Alice is best friends with Bella, married to Jasper, and she hates the smell of wet dog on a werewolf. She comes in handy while picking numbers on a lottery ticket.

The actress who brings Alice to life is Ashley Green.