Words from the lips..

Lips are moving and words are being spoken,but does your lover really hear you?

Written by Rebecca Davis

Words are important and when two people come together they should speak to each other with respect. But that line can be blurred when one partner is not listening and being understanding.

Dr. Rebecca here with tips for listening to your partner.

1. Remove all Disturbances and Distractions.

You dont want excessive noise,people or things disrupting your conversation.

2. Dont be in a rush,take time to listen .Make time to communicate.

Plan a special meeting for your conversation. Arrange to meet in private for intimacy.

3. Be open minded and understanding to whatever the conversation is about.

Be honest, open and non judgmental.

4. If the conversation makes you angry, take a break. Be honest with your feelings, but dont engage with anger, your tongue can spew words of anger that you cant take back in the heat of the moment. Take a five or 10 minute break if you need too.

5. Dont make your lover feel that they cant be open to you, allow them to speak to you about anything, good or bad.

Take these tips and start talking and listening.