Message For Black People


Black people we were robbed,raped,murdered and have had our spirit broken by demons which come from the devil,Do Not Fall For The Devils Traps! Meaning Do Not Steal,Kill or Destroy! The Devil does that,and people who do that Can’t and Will Not Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven.Real Talk,our parents,grand parents ancestors fought for our rights and have died for us,they have built this nation with there blood,tears,and backs.Don’t tear it down,build it up! Don’t steal,give Ceasar his dew. March steadfast with GOD and with peace and this evil system will fall like the walls of Jericho.JESUS marched up to calvary and beat the devil and sin for us,our march is on our knees in prayer and fasting. JESUS IS ALIVE and we will be victorious against evil,justice will prevail,and evil will not win over GODs Holy church and people. JESUS is watching.🙌 And for those who want to support the cause,do it in prayer and in peace,do it with respect for our ancestors and for the victims all over the world who have been persecuted under racist,fascist systems.We destroy these systems with love and respect for all humanity,we destroy these systems with awareness and education,we destroy these systems with the love of GOD and respect for all human life,we destroy it by the world working together.Please Don’t Loot,Destroy Property and Write Black Lives Matter on Buildings and etc…that you don’t own and say it is for the black cause. These actions are not the true spirit of black culture,our culture is of family,GOD, peace,love,dignity and pride and over the years many outsiders have raped that from us. When you hijack our peaceful marches and destroy everyone’s hard work you have raped us again and you have now become an oppressor.The very system and racists nature we are fighting against. We are all GODs children and we all deserve respect and humanity,now please spread this message to the world All Lives Matter and so do Black Lives .Life is the gift GOD has granted us now lets All Unify For A World Change. 💕💕Love to everyone.

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