Fall Weddings and Fall Brides

Strapless wedding gowns are in the top of the line this fall.

Fall and Autumn weddings are great because it is not to hot and not to cold. The background areas are beautiful with changing leaf’s and trees and there are discounted items from summer wedding season you can get if you act fast.

Let your fall wedding buffet be flavorful and colorful with style.

The outdoor style wedding is fun and romantic ,just like the fall season.

The Yellow Golden Color Of Fun

Yellow Golden Colors Of Fun

From your eyes,lips and wardrobe these colors are bright,sophisticated and fun. Add them to your creative wardrobe. You can dress these up and calm them down in your style. You don’t have to add a lot to them to make them stand out the color itself does it on its own.

These colors are fun year round. They work the best during spring, fall and summer,but they can be fun during the winter too.

A lot of brides often look over these colors for there wedding party,I say be bold and pick those colors. They are stand out and bold beautiful romantic colors to utilize when styled correctly.

Written by Rebecca

Published 12/21/20

Evening Verde

Evening green wear can be memorable and a one of a kind.

Many explores have searched the ends of the earth for rare green stones.

Green colors do not have to be worn during the Christmas season,they can be a brand mark color all year round.

Gold hues seem to bring green colors out the best all seasons.

I love green when it is paired and styled correctly. It can be so romantic,fierce and elegant with a dash of sexyness at the same time.

By Rebecca

Cute As A Button Style

Do you love buttons ? I do on certain clothing styles and here are some cute as a button fashion looks you might want to try.

Seasonal jackets are cool and stylish when they have great button detail.

Share this all purpose look with your friends ,the button detail has it just right. You can wear it for work and for a night out in town .

Favorite Jeans Day

Written By Rebecca Davis,and some style board images created By Rebecca Davis.

Ok it is Thursday and it’s ” FAVORITE JEANS DAY”!

Lets go in the closet and grab that favorite pair of jeans that we love so much,you know the ones that are like a 2nd pair of skin to the the body. Just put them on and ware them everywhere today. I will show you some different ways to style those favorite jeans.

Casual Style

Casual jeans are great for hanging out with friends and running errands.There so cute and comfortable you can style them a bit dressy or you can style them down.

Exotic Flare

These are the jeans you want to be noticed in. Exotic flare are those art jeans and blinged out jeans you ware to the club. We all have a favorite pair.

Rip Jean Style

These jeans will probably never go out of style.

Work and Dressy Style

Styling your jeans with the right blouse and coat can be easily excused in the work place. Just make sure your jeans are clean and pressed and tailored correctly.

Winter White Fashion

Winter White Fashion

Winter whites are clean,sharp and neutral.White is a color that is classy when it is paired with its siblings in Style. All white gives a bold statement and appearance when it is styled properly. Here are some wardrobe ideas for the color white this winter.

By Rebecca Davis

Winter White Fashion has a clean,sharp and neutral Fashion appearance. The look is strong and inviting, especially on cute fashionable dress jackets.

Cold Weather Cant Stop Fashion

Cold Weather Cant Stop Fashion

Here are some cold weather fashion ideas and tips.

Do Long Coats to Protect You From The Harsh Weather

Grab That Great Sweater Or Cardigan .

Do bring out that favorite cardigan or sweater this season. Pick items of clothing that will keep you warm,make you happy and that complements your body.

Dark is Beautiful

Who says Goth Style is bland and not hot,well no one says that because it’s not true. Goth Style is daring, beautiful and dark. Gothic Looks can be elegant and beautiful. Gothic style or dark style can be easily worn with many different styles. It’s all in the Style Pieces you choose. Here are some Dark Style Ideas.

Dark Casual

Dark work

Dark Glam

Dark Wedding

Dark Fashion

Here are some Dark Fashion Styles For Halloween

Dark fashion can be incorporated into your daily life, we in the fashion world call it gothic, dark rock, and dark punk styles. Dark retro can fall into this category as well. Halloween does not have to be the only season to wear this style of fashion.

Dark Punk

Halloween Makeup

Dark Glam For A Dark Ball


Cold Weather Season is around the corner are you Boot Ready?

By Rebecca Davis


Cold Weather Boot Ideas

Short Boots

Fall Finds

Fur Boots

Long Boots

How to be Boot Ready For The Cold Weather

Being Boot Ready is a great way to organize your wardrobe this Fall and Winter. Having the right type of boots that fit your lifestyle and support your feet are great for wardrobe organization. Having your wardrobe organized saves time and space. Having the right type of boots that fit your feet can save you money and cause less agony on your knees, ankles, and toes.

The Essential Pieces We Need In Our Closets

Our Closets are a reflection of our boxed up personalities ,fantasies and they hold our secrets. Take good care of your closet and it will take good care of you.

Our Closets Should Hold Essential Pieces Always.

Every man and woman should have something black.

Yes Black! It can be a skirt ,shirt, shoes ,a tie. Always keep basic trendy black items .

Your closet should have at least one trendy up to date item. This can include belts, purses and jackets.

Always keep an outfit that is weather neutral, something that can be worn in cold weather and warm weather.

Be sure to keep clothing pieces that reflect your lifestyle. For instance dont own a Grammy dress if you dont go to the Grammys. Dont keep a clown costume if you dont work the circus. Those items take up space,and they are a waste of money.

Always own trendy ,stylish, update pieces in black,or grey, white or brown. These are neutral base colors. Keep a great coat and a deep decently pair of dress shoes.

This is just some of my ideas that I pass on to clients.

September Date Night,When He Asks You Out.

Okay, you are at the local coffee shop, talking with friends. And then out of the blue, this gorgeous guy walks up and asks for your number. He wants to meet up with you on Saturday for a lunch date, WHAT are you going to wear?

For a lunch date keep it simple, classy and sexy. You might want to ask where are you going before or after the lunch date to prep your outfit. For a formal lunch date don’t go overboard.

Always smell great leave your scent around.

If you are going to be out on a patio where a cute short jumpsuit.

Always wear cute comfortable shoes

If you want you can go with a dress

Orchestra Style

A Night At The Orchestra

Beautiful Orchestra Music

Rules for the orchestra

1. Always dress formal ,you and your date.

2. Turn your cell phone off!

3. Don’t wait for the last minute to get tickets,especially during the Christmas season and other Holiday seasons.

4. Try to eat before you go these venues don’t usually carry snack bars.Put a granola bar in your purse ,these events are lengthy.

5. Use the bathroom before sitting ,and Be on time. They will not let you in and out of your seat ,no matter what. So be on time and Go before you sit!

A Glamorous Night Out with an awsome date can be so romantic. Orchestra dates are the best! Plan a romantic evening to see a show at your local orchestra, it will be a night to remember.

7 Days of September Style, Part 2.Weekend


Working on the weekend should be comfortable and stylish. You want something for the work place and an outfit that will cross over for after work.


Sunday Style needs to be comfy and classy, It should and can be a mix style of church, work and going out.An all purpose dress should do it.

Part 1of the blog

7 Days Of September Style

7 Days Of September Style Ideas

By Rebecca Davis


Monday’s can be a drag especially when you are busy all during the work day ,and you are rebounding from the weekend. When you are feeling like a drag go simple,chic and comfortable for whatever arrives during the day. Black and white attire can always be fun,classy and simple.


Most Tuesdays we know what’s going on in the work week,meetings,trials ,and staying late with clients. Just because you are busy it doesn’t mean that you have to look like a drag. Be a Queen not a drag. Adding some simple bold color to your work week can be fun.


Oh Dear it’s hump day! Hump day can be somewhat stressful it’s the drag until you make it to the end of the week and the recovery from the beginning of the week. Keep hump day comfortable and stylish.


Thursday is the last of the busy work day and the preparation before Friday. Your Style should be business casual .


Friday has finally arrived. Somepeople have half days or a Friday off. Let your style be fun and ready for whatever arrives at your lap.

Have a great work week Shopping click!

Fashion Dash and Go Style

Fashion Dash and Go

You are in a hurry and you need to look cute while running errands, but style doesn’t stop because you are busy.

Here are simple must haves this Fall for Fashion Dash and Go days.

For the woman who wants to stand out while being out, get a cute top and comfortable pants or skirt with simple accessories and comfortable shoes for the moves.

Cold shoulder styles are great for this season.

Having a bag that won’t tie you down is a good item to have when you are on the move. Cross bodies and messenger bags are a great pick.

Let your hair be simple, simple ponytails can be ideal and they take less time to style.

Cold shoulder Style For work

Cold shoulder Style For Work

Written by Rebecca Davis Blogger

Cold shoulder styles are fun ,they are bold tops with a slight sex appeal. A lot of women wear them in a casual fashion tone. Cold shoulder styles are about having facing fun and being different. The great thing about wearing these tops is you can dress them up and down. They are great for casual Fridays and working women’s Wednesday after 5pm drinks.

If you are in a more formal environment just make sure your top is more formal and bring a business cardigan or jacket with you if you need it.


Formal Dinner Event Style

Style ideas for the woman who wants to stand out at the dinner table.

Formal Dinner Events

By Rebecca Davis

Formal dinners have there own etiquette standards. Etiquette is a word that can be defined as referring to standards of acceptable social behavior.

The social rules are made up by the hosts and the environment you will be attending. Cultural and religious views can also affect the etiquette standards at a dinner.

Formal dinner etiquette was put in place to help guest fit in with there social environments. Etiquette rules are to help people to enjoy each other’s company. Knowing some of the basic little rules will make you and the people around you more comfortable informal social settings.

The basic rules are:

1. Be respectful to everyone around you.

2. Dress accordingly to your invitation instructions, and environment. Keep religious events,political and cultural events in mind too.

3. Always say please, thank you etc… Excuse and introduce yourself properly. The host should do the same.

4. Don’t engage in political talk, sex or any religious speech and gossip, no matter What!

5. Don’t get wasted, no drinking until you are drunk!

6. Take etiquette lessons for your envent. Study who will be there, What dinner fork or spoon goes where and the culture of the dinner.

7. Especially study the culture and religious background of the host, country, and environment!

8. LADIES-Don’t Go without back up personal items (Tampons) , Pepto, Epi-Pens

9. Please, please RSVP and make sure you are truly invited. Make sure your name is on the guest list.


If you have a handicapped, or physical issue makes arrangements with the host for proper seating and the same rule for the host.

Check out these clips from some of my favorite movies for examples.

For Business Formal Dinners Know Your Social Environment

Dinner Manner Skills To Learn

Dinner Etiquet

Be Prepared For anything

Make sure you are truly invited, A story to remember.

Here is a personal story for you all to enjoy. I won’t mention the area for privacy issues and safety reasons.

My cousin works for the government and she was invited to a formal dinner event where they had the Governor and 2 USA Senators and a ambassador from Canada. This event was a formal Elite Dinner with some 1%centers,and high security clearance individuals. Black Tie Event! Certain employees were invited.

A girl who we will call Pink Elephant got invited by the intern Mr.Pink Elephant. Mr.Pink Elephant didn’t follow proper procedure by RSVPing his date. When they arrived to the door to get entrance into the venue she was turned away at the door and the VIP guests saw. THIS COUPLE WAS A PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

What are Elite Dinners Like

The guest are A+ like royalties, 1%center, Government officials and true socialites. Image is everything and the event is truly formal. There is usually a time limit for RSVPs.Inventions are security-based with a barcode or password/code. The dinners are up to 10 courses sometimes. If your name is not on the list, you will be an ELEPHANT outside the door.

September Style

September Style

September is the ninth month of the year in the modern day Gregorian calendar and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. The month kept its original name from the Roman calendar in which septem means “seven” in Latin marking it as the seventh month.



35546_FS_C_215576_full (1)




September Style Ideas should be a time of remembrance. It’s the month to reminece back on your summer love,and a time to embrace the Fall future. Let your wardrobe be expressive and full of end of the year summer sales.

Written by LadyR