Formal Dinner Event Style

Style ideas for the woman who wants to stand out at the dinner table.

Formal Dinner Events

By Rebecca Davis

Formal dinners have there own etiquette standards. Etiquette is a word that can be defined as referring to standards of acceptable social behavior.

The social rules are made up by the hosts and the environment you will be attending. Cultural and religious views can also affect the etiquette standards at a dinner.

Formal dinner etiquette was put in place to help guest fit in with there social environments. Etiquette rules are to help people to enjoy each other’s company. Knowing some of the basic little rules will make you and the people around you more comfortable informal social settings.

The basic rules are:

1. Be respectful to everyone around you.

2. Dress accordingly to your invitation instructions, and environment. Keep religious events,political and cultural events in mind too.

3. Always say please, thank you etc… Excuse and introduce yourself properly. The host should do the same.

4. Don’t engage in political talk, sex or any religious speech and gossip, no matter What!

5. Don’t get wasted, no drinking until you are drunk!

6. Take etiquette lessons for your envent. Study who will be there, What dinner fork or spoon goes where and the culture of the dinner.

7. Especially study the culture and religious background of the host, country, and environment!

8. LADIES-Don’t Go without back up personal items (Tampons) , Pepto, Epi-Pens

9. Please, please RSVP and make sure you are truly invited. Make sure your name is on the guest list.


If you have a handicapped, or physical issue makes arrangements with the host for proper seating and the same rule for the host.

Check out these clips from some of my favorite movies for examples.

For Business Formal Dinners Know Your Social Environment

Dinner Manner Skills To Learn

Dinner Etiquet

Be Prepared For anything

Make sure you are truly invited, A story to remember.

Here is a personal story for you all to enjoy. I won’t mention the area for privacy issues and safety reasons.

My cousin works for the government and she was invited to a formal dinner event where they had the Governor and 2 USA Senators and a ambassador from Canada. This event was a formal Elite Dinner with some 1%centers,and high security clearance individuals. Black Tie Event! Certain employees were invited.

A girl who we will call Pink Elephant got invited by the intern Mr.Pink Elephant. Mr.Pink Elephant didn’t follow proper procedure by RSVPing his date. When they arrived to the door to get entrance into the venue she was turned away at the door and the VIP guests saw. THIS COUPLE WAS A PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

What are Elite Dinners Like

The guest are A+ like royalties, 1%center, Government officials and true socialites. Image is everything and the event is truly formal. There is usually a time limit for RSVPs.Inventions are security-based with a barcode or password/code. The dinners are up to 10 courses sometimes. If your name is not on the list, you will be an ELEPHANT outside the door.

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