September Date Night

Saturday is not the only days for A Date Night.  Here are some cute fashion ideas to wear during the week on your dates.











Date Night Activities should be fun and creative, but for those of us who work our time can be limited. Here are some tips for  going out.

Mondays are our back to work and hectic schedule days,and our beginning of the week days ,so just keep it simple.Go out for dinner/ lunch at your favorite restaurant in town. Have some drinks and desserts before hitting the pillow.

Tuesdays can be just as busy as Mondays ,so let’s twist things up a bit. Get dressed up for a romantic dinner at home. It can be take out ,catered, or homemade.

Wednesday night activities should be fun,head out to the museum, artshow, or do an activity together like pokemon go.

Thursday Dates should consist of drinks and dancing, but dont stay out to late you still have to work on Friday and you dont want to be hung over at the office.

Friday is here and so is your date,so let your festive side out.Hit the clubs,Go to a concert.Get wild and live it up.

Saturday can be open to it all ,try dinner and a hot air balloon ride.Heyrides and dancing.Or maybe a night of wine tasting.

Sunday, let this day be a day of relaxing. Take a long ride in the city or country. Have a picnic at the lake or park. Just let it be about scenery.


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