A detox drink not only flushes out toxins but also gives your body the nutrition it needs without bloating you up.



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One of the major reasons we gain weight and lose our glow is because we carelessly brush off the importance of detoxification.

Whether you binged on junk food or you feel guilty for overeating on fatty deserts during the holidays, or you just simply drank too much alcohol on the weekend with friends, a smoothie is a good adding treat to your daily meal schedule. Do you want to boost your immune system or lose some weight, or just want to eat a bit healthier then start adding smoothies to your diet.

They are fun, cheap and they taste great. Why do I recommend them, well for one reason they are an easy way to pack a ton of nutrition into your meal.

Grab A Blender


Just add a cup of water, a cup of milk and a cup of ice and blend all of it together with the ingredients below. After you blend it, just drink and enjoy.
Ingredients For A Healthy Smoothie Drink for Breakfast
  1. 1 cup raw coconut water or filtered water, plus more as needed.
  2. 1 medium green apple, skin on, cored and diced.
  3. 1 small raw red beet, peeled and diced (grated for conventional blenders)
  4. 1 cup frozen strawberries.
  5. 1 cup frozen pineapple.
  6. 1/2 small avocado, pitted and peeled.
  7. 1 cup baby spinach.

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