Makeup Topics -Smokey Eye



How to get a great smokey eye

The secret to a perfect smokey eye is all about the layered shadows. Pick out shadows that will enhance your eyes. It’s best to practice this before your big event. I advise all girls to prep their shadows, pencils, and brushes before you begin.


Smokey eye with any long wearing eye base or with light shadows applied from the lashline to the browbone gives your eye a more exotic appeal. Use this to enhance your eyes. In addition to neutralizing any redness or discoloration in your eyelids, try this tip it will help your eye makeup last longer in case you sweat or hit extra moisture in your environment.

Apply a medium shadow on the lower eyelid up into the crease, then begin to layer a darker medium shadow on the top to build a look with your brush that has intensity. Smudge a darker shade of shadow in the crease for added depth. Look in The mirror to see the result.

Get a great sharp eye pencil or a gel liner. Whatever your personal preference may be in a deep dark color. The begin to line the upper and lower lashlines. You always want the lash lines to be measured correctly. The lines should meet at the outer corner of your eye. You can smudge and smoke the lines by layering a powder shadow on the top of your eye. Now use a gel liner and a finely pointed eyeliner brush or a waterproof pencil; pull your eyelid gently up to apply liner right into and underneath the top lashline. Now for the final step, get a eyelash curler or some amazing mascara with volume and then apply about 4 generous coats on top of your lashes to complete your look. If you feel that your eyes don’t have enough intensity then add eyelashes o your look. They can be plastic, fur or the real hair it’s up to you on how you want to enhance your own personal beauty.


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