Women of Technology

Written by Rebecca Davis 10/18/2018


People in the technology industry should be setting the best example when it comes to gender equality. The technology fields are growing strong, but the lack of diversity is not.  



woman holding laptop

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

The tech industry by its very nature is progressive and innovative, women in the tech industry are slowly progressing in the industry. The field of information technology (IT) continues to grow, which is exciting news for employees who are trained in specific computer-related fields. The median salary for an IT professional in 2015 was more than $81,000, compared to the average job salary of $36,200. Women in the technology industry what’s even better is that many jobs in this field can be performed with an associate’s degree or after the successful completion of a certificate program, training certification, or a tech mentor program which Google has for coders and developers.

Women if you have a skill and interest for computers and want to start making good money, this is the field to be in.

The changing face of IT is part of the reason for the increase in jobs and the boom for more women to enter. Minority women should take a strong interest in this field because there are tons of opportunities.  As more companies migrate to cloud-based systems as opposed to network servers, the need for professionals who are well-versed in cloud technology is growing around the world every day. Although job growth in IT  field isn’t what it was a few years ago, the demand for qualified employees in the computer-based fields is still expected to grow at least twice as fast as more than your popular traditional careers.


A few years ago, the big career information technology demand was for Web-based employees. As more nontechnical staff members have become comfortable with handling the daily task of maintaining and updating web pages, the need for an employee who is solely dedicated to Web-based needs has decreased slightly in some industries, but graphics and computer-aided software has grown. There is also a need for cybersecurity and software engineers as apps become more popular and hackers in the world grow to steal our information.


Companies are more in need of employees who can manage network systems, cybersecurity, and programming language. People who are interested in devoting their education and experience to these more specified areas are still in high demand. So ladies lets be more  empowered and let us strive for change in this new exciting technology world.

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