The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Its that time of the year again. Its time for hot cocoa and warm socks.

How to pick that perfect pair of socks.

Warm socks should always be comfortable and snuggly to your feet.

When giving socks as a gift always check the size listed,you don’t want them way to big and slipping off when you walk.That’s no fun, and you don’t want to get someone a cute pair of socks and have them love it only to realize they can’t fit there big toe in it,trust me that’s a real bomber.

And always keep the color and shape in mind when you are giving them as gifts. Like don’t give a pair of girly socks to a macho man. And don’t give the bootie type to someone who likes long leg socks. Everyone has there own style and taste and it does not always match yours.

I’m in Love With The Cocoa

What is your favorite brand of hot cocoa is it store bought or is it Grandma’s secret recipe.

Do you have a favorite cocoa mug or cup? If you do your just like 38% of Americans who have a special cocoa mug.

Happy Holidays From Rebecca Davis

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